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Many times a grad or undergrad student wants to do an interview with me to learn more about the Caddo culture, Caddo pottery, or how a contemporary Native American or Native Artists perceives or deals with modern day issues. Whereas in my heart I want to help every single person that comes to me because I feel that it is very important and worthwhile, realistically it has gotten to the point where an overwhelming amount of students or professionals contact me to do research or studies and with my increased workload and the demand for my work whether art markets, exhibitions, galleries, commissions, classes, fellowships, residencies, or interviews, I barely have time to breath that alone raise my family and get all my work done. So I unfortunately have had to create a process to handle the influx of requests for research questions and consulting. Normally my fee is $200/hr for zoom meetings for universities, museums, and institutions, and I do encourage students or professionals to request these as they can answer so many questions for so many people at one time. However on a 1 to 1 basis, for college students only, I am requiring $100/hr. It may be good experience searching and securing funding for your research. However, I know this can still be cost prohibitive for some students so I can also recommend other Caddo Artists or other Native Artists or professionals to talk to. Please fill out the form below to inquire or request a Q/A Session. This helps me keep all requests in one place.
Please fill it the form in its entirety to receive a response. Thank you.

Thank you for your inquiry!

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