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Ancient Ancestors: Food Sovereignty

Ancient Ancestors: Food Sovereignty

King gallery show, "Ancient Ancestors" where I counter the popular culture narrative of the ancient aliens show and present our Indigenous Futurism truth where it was our ancient Native ancestors who were advanced and sophisticated and created all the miraculous works, cultivation, domestication, and art of the past and on into the future. Pictured here if one of my new works title 'Ancient Ancestors: Food Sovereignty' where we have an abundance and generously giving our galactically sought after corn to the Sky People because they love it so much and just got here from a long journey The space vessel is directly inspired by traditional Caddo pottery tripod and disc bottles, made from white hand dug clay from Texas and traditionally pitfired. I am introducing a mixture of old and new with the use of commercial clay figures, kiln fired and smoked alongside the native clay vessel, a juxtaposition of old and new materials.


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